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In our experience we have come to realize that no matter what, keeping

 a pool cover simple in design not only ensures safety, but also practicality and longevity. 

With installation teams located in every province and city throughout South Africa a fully installed safety cover is a click away. 

Our premier offer is the Solid Safety PVC Pool Cover with poles, but we are also able to provide covers in the HDPE Shade fabric ranges for pools that cannot accommodate solid covers. We have a solution to every requirement.

Our covers are well suited to provide safety for kids and pets, keep your pool clean and eliminate evaporation. There are safety, economical and environmental advantages to installing a pool cover.

Let's talk about money. Safety covers are not cheap, but that does not mean that you should feel pressured to pay excessive fees. We have set out to give you a balanced product at a well balanced price. 

Put us to the test - give us a call and let us provide you with an obligation free comparative estimate.


  • Heavy duty 600 g/sqm PVC industrial canvas - blue, beige, grey or brown
  • Easy to remove and deploy with our simple buckle tensioning system 
  • Water wise - Stops evaporation by keeping the sun and wind out, allows rainwater to drain into the pool 
  • Environmentally friendly - Reduces chemical usage by 50%
  • Energy efficient - Less pump run time and prolongs the life of your pump
  • 220kg rating ( *This is a back-up safety device - not intended to walk or play on. Pool safety remains the responsibility of the guardian)
  • Aluminium suspension poles to keep the cover above the water


  • Provide us with the approximate opening size of your pool ( Does not have to be accurate)
  • We will give you a preliminary price - should you accept this price we will send a technician out for manufacturing measurements
  • Choose a colour
  • 50% deposit payable prior to manufacturing
  • Manufacturing ( 7 to 14 days )
  • You will receive a phone call 24hrs to 48hrs prior to installation to arrange for access
  • Final payment


For the DIYer!  - Vir die Nutsman!

Order your Pool Cover as a DIY Kit and have it delivered to your front door!

Info we need from you:

  • Picture of the pool with opening sizes ( L x W )
  • Colour preference
  • Delivery Address

Included in the DIY kit:

  • Pool Cover
  • Poles
  • Rubber caps
  • Clips & ratchet buckles

You will need a drilling machine, a 6mm masonry drill bit, hammer, scissor, marker and measuring tape